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Adobe Forums: Scripting Forum “Dos” and “Don’ts”

While this scripting forum is a great place to get scripting help, it’s also very easy to misuse it. Please bear in mind that for most (if not all) of the participants here, writing scripts is a source of income. If someone writes a particularly useful script, don’t be shy to offer money (privately)! Also, please do not expect that complete scripts will be written for you (although in many cases they will be). If you are a novice scripter and show an interest in learning, you will generally find that the help you recieve will be much more positive.


Here’s a short list of “Dos” and “Don’ts” to keep in mind…


Do ask for help in automating your work in InDesign, but Don’t expect a full solution for free.


Do show an interest in learning, and people will probably try to help you, but Don’t ask for other people to solve all your problems for you.


If you need a script written for you, Do ask if someone is available to write one for pay, but Don’t keep such an issue on the forum. Work it out off the forum please.


Please Do thank others who spend the time to solve your issues, and please Don’t expect every issue to be solved on a public forum. Many solutions have taken a lot of programming time to work out, and it’s not reasonable to expect such solutions to be given away for free.


Please Do give code examples to help other people, but please Don’t pass off others code as you own!


Please Do make a note in the topic of a new thread of what language you are using as well as the version number that you are using such as: [JS][CS3].

新しいスレッドのトピックで、あなたが使用している(プログラミング)言語、バージョン(たとえば[JS] [CS3]のように)を記載するようにしてください。

Please Don’t branch off a discussion in the middle to a new topic – please start a new one!

トピックの途中でディスカッションを分岐しないでください - 新しいトピックで始めてください!

Please Don’t start two discussions on one topic – it makes it very confusing!

1つのトピックで2つのディスカッションを開始しないでください - 非常に混乱します!





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