とあるIllustrator用のjsxが必要でダウンロードしてきたら .lzh で解凍できなかったので

homebrew で lha をインストールした

$ brew install lha

$ lha --help
LHarc    for UNIX  V 1.02  Copyright(C) 1989  Y.Tagawa
LHx      for MSDOS V C2.01 Copyright(C) 1990  H.Yoshizaki
LHx(arc) for OSK   V 2.01  Modified     1990  Momozou
LHa      for UNIX  V 1.00  Copyright(C) 1992  Masaru Oki
LHa      for UNIX  V 1.14  Modified     1995  Nobutaka Watazaki
LHa      for UNIX  V 1.14i Modified     2000  Tsugio Okamoto
                   Autoconfiscated 2001-2005  Koji Arai
usage: lha [-]<commands>[<options>] [-<options> ...] archive_file [file...]
  commands:  [axelvudmcpt]
  options:   [q[012]vnfto[567]dizg012e[w=<dir>|x=<pattern>]]
  long options: --system-kanji-code={euc,sjis,utf8,cap}
commands:                           options:
 a   Add(or replace) to archive      q{num} quiet (num:quiet mode)
 x,e EXtract from archive            v  verbose
 l,v List / Verbose List             n  not execute
 u   Update newer files to archive   f  force (over write at extract)
 d   Delete from archive             t  FILES are TEXT file
 m   Move to archive (means 'ad')    o[567] compression method (a/u/c)
 c   re-Construct new archive        d  delete FILES after (a/u/c)
 p   Print to STDOUT from archive    i  ignore directory path (x/e)
 t   Test file CRC in archive        z  files not compress (a/u/c)
                                     g  Generic format (for compatibility)
                                        or not convert case when extracting
                                     0/1/2 header level (a/u/c)
                                     e  TEXT code convert from/to EUC
                                     w=<dir> specify extract directory (x/e)
                                     x=<pattern>  eXclude files (a/u/c)

e オプションで解凍できたけど、複数ファイルがそのままカレントディレクトリに解凍され困る

$ lha -e /path/to/archive.lzh

w オプションでフォルダ指定して解凍できる(存在してなくてok)

$ lha -e /path/to/archive.lzh -w archive
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